Made with love for your pet

DalPet, the pet food industry, was born in 2003 developing solutions for agriculture and animal nutrition, in addition to exporting products for 9 countries .

Focused on producing food with a lot of love so that your pets become increasingly healthier, full of energy and well nourished, all feeds are formulated with proteins of high biological value and selected raw materials , meeting the nutritional requirements of the different lifestyles of the animals.

It is in Três Barras, Santa Catarina, that everything happens.

It is in this place rich in natural beauty that we host our production. All manufacturing is carried out in a area of 4,000 m² , with a thorough quality control , analyzes in our own laboratory and in other certified sectors . We have high level professionals to offer the best technical assistance across our product line.

Always thinking about the good of nature.

Our products and work procedures have strict standards of quality and environmental safety . Our principle is to respect the environment, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the entire community.

Dedication for you and your pet.

Always investing in technology, research and creativity , we are passionate about our work. There is nothing better than interacting with you on the internet and knowing how happy you and your pet are with our kibbles . And we attribute all this success to the effort and dedication in everything we do.

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Rodovia Jorge Lacerda, 300, Km 0
Bairro Salseiros | Itajaí | SC | CEP 88317-100
(47) 3341.8200

Filial (Fábrica)
Estrada Transfalcônica, Km 2
Bairro Campininha | Três Barras | SC | CEP 89490-000
(47) 3621.4000