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In DalPet, CATS food is synonymous with quality food, with strict nutritional criteria developed to provide animals the nutrients they need. The ration is DalPet match the major brands at a fair price. These benefits are perceived by the animals by their owners and thus also contribute to the result of pet shops that can sell products of the highest quality at affordable values.

DalCat D+

DalCat is indicated for cats independents who appreciate the finer things in life, like a fun ball of wool and a good cuddle them. Its formulation contains taurine, a substance that ensures the proper functioning of the retina, and prevent heart disease and FLUTD, urinary syndrome common in felines.

Crok Crok

To meet the taste delicate and demanding cats, the Cats Crok Crok is produced with oil and flour salmon, great sources of Omega 3, and provide a tantalizing taste. Crok Crok Cats has great texture, which besides pleasing your cat, helps to fight tartar on the teeth.

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