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In DalPet, DOGS food is synonymous with quality food, with strict nutritional criteria developed to provide animals the nutrients they need. The ration is DalPet match the major brands at a fair price. These benefits are perceived by the animals by their owners and thus also contribute to the result of pet shops that can sell products of the highest quality at affordable values.

Pro Omega

Pro Omega, formulated with protein of high biological value. Contains yucca extract and prebiotics, which reduce the odor of feces. The Omega 3 and Omega 6, make the hair soft and shiny, while antioxidants provide greater longevity. Follow the assurance levels Omega Pro with the major brands of super premium segment. So you find that it is an excellent option for consumers seeking quality and fair price for you, who loves to satisfied customer and good profit margins.

DalDog D+

The Special Premium line DalDog D+ offers complete nutrition and many benefits that treat the animal from the inside out. Yucca extract, which reduces the odor of feces, providing smaller particle size greater digestibility and prebiotics which contribute to intestinal health.

Pro Omega Natural

Pro Natural Omega is a complete food that brings dogs the most ancestral feelings at mealtime. It has natural ingredients carefully selected to meet all daily needs, as well as several components that improve the health and quality of life. Pro Natural Omega is free of GMOs, gluten and their preservatives are natural, also features the sweet potatoes in their formulation that helps in blood sugar control.

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